Learning is Grand: Poems and Short Stories

Good morning!
A brand new day!
Still in your pajamas
What’s going on today?
Remember what mom said.
Help her make your bed.
Is Teddy bear near?
Clothes out to wear.
Had a good rest.
Pray before breakfast

Faith In Action

These stories were told to me by my friends and family. I’ve had to struggle with my disability for a long time. I want to write this book, I hope you find it interesting. It’s from parts of my life that I’ve treasured. Especially with my relatives that I didn’t know because we lived so far away, 550 miles away, from Indiana to Iowa. I loved our family vacations. You will find some stories from the bible. I hope you will see how important that book is to me. I have trouble every day. But I know He’s in my life and without Him I would not live. I know you have times when you’ve needed help. For a while I couldn’t even pray. I knew better but I had lost hope. I’ve had such help from the Veterans. I have friends now. And I trust those who I know will be O.K. Please read the Biblical stories thoughtfully. They are scriptures passed down from six or seven thousand years ago.

Mind, Pain, Feeling, Healing

This book raises the subject of mental health and physical disabilities. Lois is a veteran and she feels close to the veterans serving today. She has devoted her time to the subject of mental illness.